The Importance of Blessing One Another

When we bless another, we are conveying good will to that person.  I believe that positive energy is actually transferred in a blessing.   You don’t need to be religious to either give a blessing or receive a blessing.  A blessing can be bestowed on behalf of the Divine or simply on behalf of  yourself.   However, every blessing is sacramental and sacred.  A true blessing lifts us out of ordinary time into extraordinary time.  Blessing another can be as simple as saying—and meaning it--"I wish the best for you".    The affirmation, “I love you” is a blessing   Often a touch accompanies a blessing.  In ancient times, a blessing was conveyed with a hand on the other’s head.   Blessing goes two-way: when we bless another, we ourselves are blessed.  Every life ceremony, whether a naming ceremony, wedding, coming-of-age ritual, or memorial service should include a blessing  on all.